nuit organizes its shows on a rotation of producers, people who are responsible for organizing all aspects of the show on a given night. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you asked about running a show or I think you might be interested. This page lists the expectations of a producer so you know what you’re getting into before agreeing to it.

In short, the producer is the god of that show. As producer, you:

  • Decide the start and end times of the show.
  • Select and coordinate the team of DJs (or other musicians), dancers, and FX jockeys for your show. Make sure they know how all the clubs’ systems work and what’s expected of people in each role.
  • Decide the theme for the show, and coordinate that artistic vision with the performers in selecting music, costumes, effects, etc.
  • Create (or have someone create) a poster that can be shared inworld and on Flickr to promote the show.
  • Decorate (or find someone to decorate) the club for your show.
  • Post inworld notices to promote the show.
  • On the night of the show, create a multi person “performers chat” with everybody who’s helping to put on the show that night.

Interested in producing a show? Follow these steps:

  1. Talk to Nirea about the concept and how you plan to make it awesome. Someone coming to nuit should always get an intense, immersive experience. It should never just be a DJ punching a clock.
  2. Request access to the show calendar spreadsheet. Click that link, and have Google send the access request. Then let Nirea know you’ve requested access and she’ll go click the button to allow it.
  3. Looking at the schedule, discuss potential dates with Nirea. Once you’ve agreed on one, she’ll put your name in the Date column. You should fill out the rest of the columns.
  4. Get the Producer SL group tag from Nirea. This will give you notice-sending power.

Once your date is set, then it’s all up to you to get your team organized and put on a great show.