It really sucks when the club’s FX person is trying to create a dark, mysterious vibe but everybody’s all bright and washed out because some oblivious guest is wearing a face light that shines for miles. This page will show you how to find out who’s wearing the light, which of their objects it is, and how to talk to them about it.

Finding Out Who

It’s not always easy to know who’s wearing the horrible light. Here are two tools to help:

1. Firestorm Beacons

Firestorm has a built in “Beacons” feature that can highlight light sources. To use it, first right click on your toolbar and select “Toolbar buttons…”. Then drag the Beacons button to your toolbar.

Add Beacons to shortcuts

Once it’s in your toolbar, click the Beacons button and select “Bounding boxes for lights in scene”.

Enable beacon

You will see a yellow box showing exactly how far each light is shining. That box will move with the light source, so you may be able to match up the box’s movement with the motions of a particular person to tell who’s attachment it is.

If you zoom in, you’ll also see a white outline of the specific object that’s emitting the light.

Light emitter

If you’re lucky, you can right click and Inspect that object to get its name.

2. nuit Team HUD

There is a nuit Team HUD that anyone can wear to get some additional info on visitors. In particular, it lets you know when the greeter has found someone wearing an object with the word “light” in it. That will look like this in chat that only you can see:

[08:11] nuit team HUD: New visitor: Nirea Mercury
Script time: 0.000102
Render cost: 60626
Possible facelights: ciggy lamp facelight

That list of possible facelights is just a guess! It could include false positives like “light blue hair”. Double check the person using Beacons to make sure it’s really a light before messaging them.


Facelights are usually an innocent mistake, so don’t be a dick about them. When you IM someone about removing a light, here is suggested wording:

Hi <name of person>! I’m glad you could be here and hope you have a sexy fun time tonight. I see that you’re wearing <name of object>. I think that’s casting light over a bunch of other people. Could you please remove it?

If you couldn’t get the object name from inspecting or from the team HUD, then try using a What is she wearing? HUD.