There is a group of commands for controlling images and media shown on the club walls. They’re more complicated than most effects commands, to support a wider variety of scenarios. The complexity comes from several directions:

  • You can control each wall individually, or all of them together.
  • There are several different modes for the walls, each of which takes its own parameters.
  • Creating custom animated textures for the walls (usually by converting gifs) requires use of some external tools.

We’ll go over all those things now.

Specifying Which Wall To Change

If you want to change all the walls at once, use the WALLS command, like this:

WALLS|<1.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>~FRAMES~120~4~4~14~cbfbbb6e-136a-e082-5829-35ffc06162bb

If you want to set just one of the walls, say, the big one on the right, you would instead send this:

RIGHTWALL2|<1.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>~FRAMES~120~4~4~14~cbfbbb6e-136a-e082-5829-35ffc06162bb

If you like, you can send a command to more than one wall at a time. You could do both walls on the right side of the club like this:

RIGHTWALL2,RIGHTWALL3|<00000, 1.00000, 1.00000>~FRAMES~120~4~4~14~cbfbbb6e-136a-e082-5829-35ffc06162bb

You can see all of the available wall sections by trying out the rectangular buttons around the word WALLS on the effects desk at the club.

Wall Modes



There’s a STATIC mode that can display a single image. Its parameters are:

  • texture uuid
  • LSL color vector
  • Glow level (from 0 to 1)



Creating Custom Wall Animations

Extra Options

  • emit
  • glow