This command controls the wisp that lives near the ceiling of the club and draws flower-like patterns with a colored particle trail.

Mathematically, the patterns created by this command are hypotrochoids, and work exactly like the Spirograph toy you may have had as a kid.


SPIRO|FORK~<1.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000>~8~2.07~1.9

It takes five parameters:

  1. The particle trail mode. FORK is the only valid mode at present. More may be added in the future.
  2. A color vector.
  3. The radius, in meters, of the outer Spirograph ring.
  4. The radius, in meters, of the inner Spirograph disc.
  5. The distance, in meters, from the center of the inner disc to where the path will be drawn. (Going back to the Spirograph toy, this would be which dot/hole you stick your pencil in.)

Be careful with doing really large values here. If you make the object go off the parcel, it might not come back.

The Wisps -> Spiro button in the desk has examples.