This page outlines what’s expected of a stage dancer at a nuit show.

Be On Theme

Most shows have a specific theme, determined by the show’s producer. You should discuss your outfit for the show with the producer to ensure that it supports their vision of what the show is about.

Work the Crowd

nuit is about connection, and you are a big part of that. During a show, the musicians and FX folks are often too busy pushing buttons and making tweaks to also interact with the audience. Your job is to help fill that gap. A few tips there:

  • Say hi. When you see someone come in, try to make them feel welcome. Use the Firestorm built in radar to know when someone has arrived.
  • But don’t just say hi. You should be participating with the audience’s banter, joking and making people feel good. Don’t let several minutes go by in chat silence. Compliment somebody’s outfit or call out something interesting in the music or find something to get conversation going again.

Educate the Crowd

Because nuit does things differently from other clubs, first time visitors might not know what to expect or how to get the best experience. Here are a few things to remind people about:

  • Enable advanced lighting. If you don’t have this turned on, you’ll be missing a big part of the experience.
  • Grant experience permissions. The scripted club greeter will request permissions for the nuit experience. This is necessary for people to see environment changes, or other effects like the auto-attached hand trails.
  • Use shared environment. Most of the time, nuit is set to the “Phototools- No Light” environment, but the FX person may switch it during the show to change the vibe. You’ll only see those changes if you’re on the Shared Environment setting.
  • Share pics on Flickr. The nuit group is at
  • Follow new events on Facebook. The Facebook page is at
  • REMOVE FACE/BODY LIGHTS. If someone’s wearing an attachment that shines light on the club or other people, that’s going to undermine the vibe that the FX person is trying to create. See the Facelights page for more information on how to detect facelights and message people about them.

There’s a set of gestures that can help make it easier to give these PSAs. Ask Nirea for a copy of them.

Get Paid

When standing on the dance pad, its built-in tip jar will be activated. You will receive 90% of all money paid into the tip jar. The other 10% goes to the club to cover tier expenses.